On Your Mark, Get Set... Where Was I?

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

The fitness world is awash in information and detail that is as much enlightening for some of us as it is confusing.

Proper nutrition ensures proper balance inside and outside of the gym.

From multitudinous blogs to Instagram posts, the world is awash in fitness and nutrition tips, creating a confusing matrix of what and how much to eat and workout in order to get in shape. What was once a resource for hopeful fitness-minded denizens to heed the call to arms (and legs) to be healthy has now become a basis for confusion and inactivity among those who are unsure of what to believe.

I am old enough to remember when coconuts were used as tools by the Swiss Family Robinson, soon after as a skincare product after the American Heart Association told all of us that coconut oil was too damaging for the old ticker. Now, the once verboten tropical oil has been trying to elbow its way back into our nutritional intake- along with butter and charcoal, go figure- as a dietary staple.

With working out, we went from pastels and aerobic classes to being told to lift simple, lift compound, fast, heavy. High sets. Low sets. It’s good for the balance, good for the joints and good for the beach.

I am not surprised that clients often come to me confused on what- or who- to believe. Time was, Jack LaLanne was the one-stop-shop authority on fitness, health and nutrition. Nowadays, you have thousands of places to go online to find information, Jack’s towing a boat with his teeth replaced by endless videos of box jumps, Olympic lifts and glute workouts that might very well give you a repetitive stress disorder just from watching.

It will not draw the gaudy headline space with the Insta-athletes trying to stack up enough plyometric boxes to leap over K2, but the old, vanilla advice still holds true: A consistent program of working out geared toward building a strong lower-body foundation with core movements to keep you strong in and outside of the gym is the way to go.

Nutritionally, eating a variety of foods that limit saturated fat intake and maximize fiber intake from plant staples chalked with phytonutrients will help keep off the extra pounds and help ensure a balanced nutrient profile.

For anyone looking to get on track with his or her fitness program, it can be very overwhelming at times. Come by and see how our personal training program can help you reach your #goals.

Just don’t let all the information out there make you go coconuts!